Abdominal Training Wheels, Inc was established 2005 with only 100 pair of handcrafted wheels. Today, it is a closed stock, locally owned company that markets, manufactures and distributes the Abdominal Training Wheels, Exercise DVD, and 30 minute work out CD.

The Abdominal Training Wheels and the Wheel Aerobics Systems creator T. Lewis also provides additional services.  Services include Personal Training, Group Fitness, and Boot Camps.

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Terry is no stranger to the fitness world.  He is a certified personal trainer that has been training for over 20 years.  Lewis began body building in the late 80’s and early 90’s. As a life time natural body builder and a member of the national physique committee, in 1992 Lewis became the heavy weight champion of Jacksonville body building contest.

Terry invented the “Wheel Aerobic” workout system in 2004.  “Wheel Aerobics” was Terry’s innovative response to the rigorous and often times difficult weight training of the body building industry.  He found that most body builders focused on weight training for bigger and bulkier muscles during their preparation for contests, often time spending too much time on building muscle, and not enough time on cardio-and endurance which is just as important. Without endurance and great cardio, it make’s it even harder to pose during competition.

The “Wheel Aerobic” system was originally intended for ultimate definition of the abdominal muscles, however as Lewis continued his design concepts, he noticed that the “Wheel Aerobic” system presented a “total body” effect.  It incorporates both the upper and lower body using synchronized arm and leg motions.  The “Wheel Aerobic” exercises are low impact exercises on the hip, knees, and ankle joints.  It also tones the arms, chest, thighs, oblique, calves, and ham strings while strengthening your endurance.

During a recent demonstration in Orlando FL, where Terry traveled with some of his classmates, to introduce this new workout system to fitness instructors, personal trainers, gym owners and to one of the biggest gym franchise’s in the world. They will begin teaching this new workout system to all of their members and clients in the very near future.

This is a new year and a new opportunity to motivate and reshape your mind and body.  “Wheel Aerobics”…willing fitness one wheel at a time.

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