The Abdominal Training Wheels are a fitness product for aerobic exercise on wheels.  “Wheel Aerobics” is a new workout system designed by T. Lewis.  This NEW system was created exclusively to enhance your physical appearance and aid in your longevity.

The Abdominal Training Wheels best benefit is that you don't have to be advanced in training your abs. The Abdominal Training Wheels (ATW) are for beginners who want to TRAIN their abs without feeling the embarrassment of not having the ideal 6 pack and for the intermediate or advanced physically fit to add variety in their cardio workout.


  • Benifits of the Abdominal Training Wheels:
  • Great Cardio
  • Tight Abs
  • Firmer Thighs, Hips, and Gluts
  • Smaller Waistline
  • Toned Arms and Shoulders
  • Tighter Chest

Product Features:

  • One size fits all
  • Precision wheels at the base for easy roll-ability, stability and control, also rolls on any surface.
  • 2 adjustable straps for a tight fit

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ATW’s can be used with ANY other product including but not exclusive to: the step, the ball, and free hand weights

Packaging includes a FREE exercise DVD, warranty, and illustrated directions.



The 30 minute extended music featured on the exercise DVD is now available!!!

This 30 minute music CD is offered separately for ONLY $10.99 suggested retail price $15.99.

It is an upbeat and heart pumping sound track that will keep you motivated during your cardio workout.  Do NOT miss this limited time offer.

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